Building community is the most important thing to us at Pioneer Collective. Our efforts continued this weekend, as my co-founder Jesse LaBauve and I were invited to speak at VenturePOP – an ambitious creative entrepreneurship conference held annually in New Orleans. From the jump, the energy here was electric, and I could really sense a level of hunger from the attendees to make the most of being at this event.

Jesse & I were honored to share about the power of visual storytelling to an amazing audience, and are even more excited for all of the new connections & relationships we made during #VenturePOP2016! The conference was well represented by folks from across the United States, and it was incredible to receive encouraging feedback from our remarks during the presentation.

Several weeks ago, a devastating flood hit our home office in the City of Baton Rouge, and we decided to put all of our online efforts on hold while we helped rescue, repair and restore our community. We’re finally getting back to a sense of normalcy in our daily lives, and we’re ready to start consistently pushing out our content once again. Many of you reached out to me during these times, and I really appreciate all of your prayers and concerns. Now it’s time to get back in the game, and go there! Be sure to check out our online platform at for exciting new content and resources. #wepioneer

Photo Credit: Trevor Mark Photography

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